Dr Paul Elliott


College position:

Science Admissions Tutor, Director of Studies in Biology and College Assistant Professor

Photograph of Dr Paul Elliot
Photograph of Dr Paul Elliot
Dr Paul Elliott is Director of Studies in Biology and Scientific Admissions Tutor at Homerton College, Cambridge, and a Bye-Fellow at Selwyn College, Cambridge. His research focuses on the biology and control of aquatic pest species such as the notorious zebra mussel. Paul is also an interviewer for students wanting to take the Natural Sciences course at the University of Cambridge and supervises the first year 'Evolution and Behaviour' course.
Paul has organised a number of outreach and scientific engagement courses, including for the Sutton Trust, the Teach First Higher Education Access Programme, and Kings/Pembroke Summer Programmes.
Subject areas

Animal Behaviour and Ecology.

Links to online publications, articles or other work


The zebra mussel in England: biology, impacts and control


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