PGCE Funding and Finance

What costs are involved with PGCE study at Homerton?

  • Course fees are set by the University, and collected by the College
  • Registration fee (new members only)
  • Maintenance/living costs (travel, entertainment, clothes, food)

How will I pay my fees?

All UK and EU students are eligible to apply for a Student Loan to cover their tuition fee; Student Finance England (SFE) will pay the fees on their behalf direct to the College.  Students will repay these loans once they have left university and are earning over £21,000.  If tuition fees are not funded this way, students will be required to pay the fees direct to the College at the start of the academic year.

Overseas and Islands students will be asked by the College to complete a Financial Undertaking Form confirming they have funds for the above costs for the duration of the course.  The following website may be used for general information about finance for international students.

All fees listed above, with the exception of maintenance/living costs, are due in one instalment at the College PGCE Matriculation and Registration day in September.

Do I have to apply to Student Finance England even if I do not wish to apply for a student loan?

No.  If you are intending to pay your own fees you will need to complete and submit a Financial Undertaking Form to confirm you have the relevant funds.  In order to certify your status as a Home/EU student you must also return a completed Fee Status Assessment Questionnaire to the College.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Training Bursary or a Scholarship?

Home and EU trainees starting a PGCE course may be eligible to receive a training bursary or a scholarship, depending on their subject of study, and on their degree result.  Further details are available on the both the Faculty of Education website and the Teaching Agency website.

Can I pay my fees with the Training Bursary/Scholarship?

No.  The fees are due in full in September and the training bursary and scholarships are paid monthly directly into your bank account by the University, not the College.

Are there any grants or bursaries I can apply for?

Further information regarding financial support can be found on the DirectGov website.

What is the registration fee?

All new students (excluding current members) will be required to pay a £40 College registration fee when they start their course; this includes life membership of the Homerton Roll alumni association, and attendant publications/invitations.