Reporting an incident

If you decide you would like to report an incident(s) of harassment and sexual misconduct within the College and the University, there are different options for you to do this, including anonymously if preferred. You don’t have to do this, but if you do, we can direct you to appropriate confidential support and help with any adjustments to your studying that may be required.

It is usually most appropriate for cases of sexual misconduct to be investigated by the expert team at the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA). There may be cases in which some aspect also needs to be investigated within the College by the Dean.

In College

You can report an incident(s) by contacting the college discrimination and harassment contacts, using the College Harassment Report Form. Contents of your report will be sent to the email address. You may wish to report anonymously, however, if you would like to receive follow up support, please do share your contact details.

You can also report any incidents directly to the Porters. Talk to your Tutor if you are unsure how you would like to report an incident within the College or would like to discuss requesting a behaviour agreement.


To the University

Information on the University reporting processes for students can be found here.

If as a student you are accused of inappropriate personal behaviour, there is guidance in place to advise what will happen next, including any investigation and the support available to you.


Reporting to the Police

We are here to support you if you decide to report your experiences to the Police. You can use the online reporting system for the Cambridgeshire Police or contact them directly. The Elms SARC can collect forensic evidence as part of their assessment and support during an appointment.

Crimestoppers can take anonymous information.

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