Results breakdown to send for AS and A Level results

As part of the application process, you were asked to send to the College details of your uniform mark scheme performance (UMS) for any modular AS and A level units taken to date and as indicated on your UCAS application, if applicable.  If you have not already done so, please send a detailed breakdown of your scores as soon as possible, in the form of a Statement of Results or a certified document provided by your school.  The deadline for receiving this is by 31 March 2021, at the latest. 

How to send the results to Homerton

  1. Scan the document(s)
  2. Save it as one PDF file, naming the document as follows:  Lastname_Firstname _UCAS ID _UMS Marks
  3. Send by email to ugdocs with the following information in the subject line of your email: Lastname_Firstname _UCAS ID_UMS Marks

The information below provides a guide to what we need from you

For Modular AS-levels and A-levels (qualifications with individually examined units throughout the course):
If you have taken modular AS or A-levels, you will have either UMS (most UK students) or Percentage Uniform Marks (some international students have these) for each module that you have taken. These are normally printed on the results statement. You would have been asked to fill these scores in on your UCAS application (on the SAQ, or on the COPA form if you applied from outside the EU). 

For these examination results, please email a certified copy from the exam board (as instructed above). Your document should show your UMS (most UK students) or Percentage Uniform Marks (some international students have these) for each module you have already taken. A certified copy is one which has been signed, stamped and dated by your school to confirm that the details are correct.

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