Self Leadership: Exploring yourself and your relationship to leadership

This Self-Leadership workshop is delivered in partnership with the Tavistock Institute

“The difference between leadership and management is the emotional investment that is required”.

Lord Victor Adebowle CBE

This workshop explores the qualities that makes us unique: the skills, knowledge and experiences that each of us bring to the roles we play amongst our friends and family, but are also relevant when we study and when we work. We will consider the connection between how we show up in different contexts and the overlaps between them.

One of the core leadership skills most often underestimated is the ability to handle the emotional impact of work. In his book “Leaders Eat Last” Simon Sinek suggests that the reason leaders are given preferential treatment is because expectations on them are higher; that they will defend others, that they will lead the way in times of difficulty, that they are able to cope with pressure. All of these expectations, and many others, are fuelled by and filled with emotions.

This session will help you to think about who you are, how you think about leadership, and how your emotional world influences both. If you are interested in knowing more about yourself and leadership, this dynamic interactive workshop offers a space for you to think on your own and with other participants on the course.

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