Disability Support and Access

Homerton has a Disability Liaison Officer, Claire Hogg . You can contact the Disability Officer to discuss any reasonable adjustments to support you and your time in College; you may also talk to members of the Tutorial Office about exam access arrangements.

The University also has a Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC). This has a range of information for offer holders, building accessibility guides for those students already in Cambridge, how to get funding and general FAQs.

The College and the University work in close conjunction to offer support to students with any kind of disability, and the University’s Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) has a dedicated team of experts who can provide support, advice and guidance for disabled students and students with specific learning difficulties. With your permission, our College staff can liaise with the ADRC to create a support plan that meets your needs.

All offer-holders who disclose a disability on application automatically receive correspondence from the ADRC requesting information on their support needs. Students who do not disclose a disability can approach the centre directly to seek support at any time during their studies.

The earlier we are aware of any disability, the better we are able to ensure that all the arrangements you require are in place before you start here (for example, study skills support, suitable accommodation, exam access arrangements). You may also find that you are eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) or other available funding to support your needs. You can disclose your disability and provide additional information on the Student Information Form at: http://www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk//student-information-form or disclose via your Camsis account. If you would like to discuss any of this further with a member of the ADRC team, then either phone 01223 332301 and ask to speak to one of their advisers, or email disability@admin.cam.ac.uk. Information is also available on the ADRC website at: http://www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions please visit the university’s Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre page




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