Visits to schools

The Homerton College Admissions and Outreach Team are happy to visit Schools and colleges in our Link Areas on request to run workshops, information sessions and other activities. 

Presentations can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the school and cover a wide range of topics such as university course choice, the Cambridge admissions process and/or student finance for older students and skills-based workshops aimed at raising aspirations or improving study-skills for younger students.

If you already have a Higher Education information event in your school's diary please get in touch with us if you would like us to attend. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to attend every event and we may direct you to a scheduled School Tour to ensure we are able to visit as many schools as possible in your local area.

If you're a teacher or adviser at a school in one of Homerton's link areas and would like to be notified about upcoming outreach events, please sign up to our monthly newsletter here

School Tours

We regularly contact teachers through our Teacher Newsletter when a member of our Outreach Team will be on a tour of schools and colleges in our Link Areas.

When visiting our areas we like to see as many schools, students, teachers and parents as possible so please do book on when we are coming near you! We can accommodate lunchtime and after-school sessions, as well as during the school day.

You can find out about our latest and upcoming Schools Tours here: 

Scottish Schools Tour 2023 

West London Schools Tour 2024

Buckinghamshire Schools Tour 2024

South Yorkshire Schools Tour 2024


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