Fees & Funding

Most postgraduate applicants will also have to apply for funding to cover their tuition fees and living expenses during their studies. You can find out the estimated costs for your course via the online directory. The University has produced a very useful guide on how to apply for funding. Full-time students will need to confirm they have sufficient funds for their whole course to meet the financial conditions of their offer.


Funding from the University of Cambridge

Postgraduate students at Homerton hold the full range of centrally-awarded University studentships, including Gates, Trust, Vice-Chancellor’s, Harding, and Departmental awards.

The University’s Postgraduate Funding Search pages provide a comprehensive overview of available awards and eligibility criteria. For most of these awards if you indicate on your application form that you would like to be considered for funding then you would be entered into the relevant schemes. However, for others you may have to provide additional information, including an extra reference, or submit a separate application as well.

Make sure you watch out for funding deadlines, as these will close earlier than course deadlines.


Funding from Homerton College

Homerton makes numerous postgraduate awards each year, and is actively increasing the number of studentships on offer, with the assistance of generous donors as well as central College funds.

Studentships and awards for new students

Information about match-funded studentships for 2023 entry will be available soon.

Tjeerd van Andel studentships

Information will be available soon

Horobin Sports Awards
  • Amount: £5,000. Homerton also has a fund to which College athletes can apply for support towards the additional costs of participating in sport - which might include costs of personal equipment, travel, and attendance at training camps.
  • Eligibility: postgraduate students of any gender, in any subject, working towards any postgraduate-level qualification of the University of Cambridge, who are of international standard in any sport.
  • Criteria: Academic and athletic ability. In cases of doubt, the College will take advice on the international level of applicants’ sporting achievement from experts nominated by the College on the advice of the University of Cambridge’s Director of Sport.
  • Application process: Write to Dr Melanie Keene, Postgraduate Tutor (mjk32@cam.ac.uk), indicating your wish to be considered for an Award, including a short statement (one page of A4) of your academic and sporting achievements written for a non-specialist audience. A copy of your statement should also be copied to Miss Kelly Collinwood, Postgraduate Administrator (postgrad-admin@homerton.cam.ac.uk).
  • Deadline for applications: Sunday 28th May 2023.
  • Notification of decisions: July 2023.
Charter Postgraduate Awards
  • Amount: £1,500 per annum for one year (Masters’-level courses) or three years (doctoral-level courses)
  • Eligibility: students embarking on a new course of postgraduate degree study from October 2023 who have named Homerton College as first or second choice when applying to the University, or are a continuing/returning Homerton student. You must have been made an offer by University of Cambridge Postgraduate Admissions for your course and have been accepted by Homerton College for membership.
  • Criteria: decisions will be made on the grounds of academic merit. Please note that approximately half of the available awards will be reserved for existing (matriculated) members of the College planning to embark on a new course of postgraduate degree study in October 2023.
  • Application process: Write to Dr Melanie Keene, Postgraduate Tutor (mjk32@cam.ac.uk), indicating your wish to be considered for an Award, including a short statement (one page of A4) of your academic/research interests written for a non-specialist audience. In your statement you should answer the following questions: 1) What is your area of specialist research?; 2) How does your research fit with the values and aims of Homerton College? 3) What is the wider impact or significance of your research? Please copy your application to Miss Kelly Collinwood, Postgraduate Administrator (postgrad-admin@homerton.cam.ac.uk).
  • Deadline for applications: Sunday 28 May 2023.
  • Notification of decisions: July 2023.
Financial support during your course

We have a College Finance Tutor, who helps matriculated students in planning their finances and provides information and help with grants or loans.

The College has small Postgraduate Research & Training Grants available to help students with academic-related expenses; and a limited, means-tested hardship fund for students who – after they have started their course – find themselves in exceptional financial difficulties for reasons outside their control. Student Representation Awards are made to those who contribute at a University level to sports, societies, music, or drama. Students are forwarded forms and details at the appropriate time throughout the year.

The College also supports students in applying to relevant University and Department funds, for assistance with childcare costs, medical expenses, unexpected hardship, fieldwork costs, etc.

Funding from other sources

Many students are supported by funding sources from outside of the University, College, or Departments, including via charitable organisations, employers (particularly for part-time students), home governments, local organisations, or learned societies offering subject-specific awards. The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding collates a large number of opportunities in its useful database.

Some students also fund their studies via loans or bursaries, including via UK Government loans, and US loans (consumer information).

Please contact the Postgraduate Administrator (postgrad-admin@homerton.cam.ac.uk) or Postgraduate Tutor (mjk32@cam.ac.uk) if you have any further questions.


Childcare Support

Kelly Collinwood is the College’s designated Childcare Contact, who can help student parents find support for their personal welfare, assistance with funding and accommodation issues, and liaise with the specialist team of the Childcare Office.

The Childcare Office’s website includes lots of useful information for student parents, including details of the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme (for EU and overseas students) and the Childcare Support Fund (for home students), University Nurseries, the Holiday Playscheme, and the Childcare Information Service. There is a dedicated section for families new to Cambridge which might be particularly useful for offer-holders.

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