Why choose Homerton?

Homerton is renowned as being a friendly, forward-thinking College. We foster a sense of belonging amongst our diverse student body, and are committed to widening participation in our University for those from all backgrounds. Alongside striving for academic excellence, we are mindful of the importance of research in practice, and the dynamic relationships between postgraduate studies and the wider world. We believe education is a whole-person activity, and wellbeing is integral to personal, local, and global thriving, as embodied in our co-curricular Changemakers programme.

Both new and old, we are the only twenty-first century College, being granted full collegiate status in 2010, but with a history of commitment to public service and education going back over 250 years. That means we can draw where appropriate on centuries of knowledge and tradition, but we are able to evolve to face today’s challenges and meet new student needs. We would encourage anyone interested in joining us for the next phase of our journey to nominate Homerton as a choice of College for postgraduate studies.

Find out more about some of our students below, or learn more about the facilities, events and support we offer to postgraduates. 

Postgraduate Student Stories

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