Admission Assessments

Most applicants are required to take a subject-specific written admission assessment. This might be before shortlisting for interview (pre-registration required) or after you've been shortlisted for interview (Cambridge College registered). They will form part of our holistic assessment of applicants, rather than being a stand-alone mechanism for interview selection. Detailed information about each course's admission assessment, including past papers (where applicable), can be found in the Entry Requirements tab on the courses page of the Cambridge University website. Information about any Homerton-specific Cambridge College registered assessments can be found on the relevant subject page of the Homerton website. Please note that your performance in the written assessment will not be considered in isolation, but will be taken into account alongside the other elements of your application.

Written assessment: pre-registration required

The pre-registration required assessments are administered for by the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service (CAAT) and are taken at a registered test center (most commonly this will be an applicant's school or college). Please regularly check the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website for any updates and additions. Further information on which admission assessments require pre-registration is available on this page. If you are not registered by the relevant deadline you will not be able to take the appropriate assessment, which will mean your application to the University of Cambridge will not be valid.

Written assessment: Cambridge College registered

The Cambridge College registered admission assessments are administered by the Cambridge College that received your application. Further information on which admission assessments are Cambridge College registered is available on this page. No advance preparation will be needed, other than revision of relevant subject knowledge where appropriate. Most of these assessments will be one hour in duration. Further guidance will be provided by the College in your invitation to interview. Information about any Homerton-specific Cambridge College registered assessments can be found on the relevant subject page of the Homerton website (please note that information on Homerton-specific Cambridge College registered assessments has not yet been updated for 2023 entry).  If you have any queries about your College registered assessment, please contact the Admissions Office at Homerton.

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