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A*AA at A-level; 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level for the IB.
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At Homerton

Homerton is one of Cambridge's largest geography Colleges, with between four and six students in each year. We have a thriving Geographical Society which meets termly for social events and research presentations. Homerton geographers do well in exams and benefit from the excellent college library and study facilities on Homerton's spacious and green site.

At Cambridge

Cambridge Geography is an exciting degree which engages with the big issues that we face today, such as the climate emergency, food insecurity, ice-sheet melt and the politics of gender and sexuality. There are a wide range of physical and human geography options to choose from. In the first year, you will take both physical and human geography as well as research training methods. In the second year, you can choose from a wide selection of both physical and human papers such as economic geography, citizenship studies, volcanoes and biogeography. Halfway through the second year, you'll work in collaboration with a world expert to design a research project that you will complete. Our students travel all over the world to collect their data and there is generous financial support available from the University and Colleges to support this work.

Our third year, or Part II, is where you can choose a range of specialist courses which are based on our own research in the Department. These are cutting-edge papers and offer the very latest knowledge on key global issues. You'll complete your dissertation alongside these specialist courses. Cambridge geography equips students with key skills in data analysis, report writing, mapping and statistical methods as well as presentation skills and research skills. During the course, you will also have the opportunity to go on several field trips which range from one day to a week and gain experience of managing a research project and collecting data in a range of locations.

What We Look For

We are looking for students who have the academic ability and potential to succeed on the course, as well as the necessary interest in and motivation for the subject.

In order to explore Geography in more detail we would recommend the introductory reading for prospective applicants and offer holders available here. You can also find the offer holder reading list available here.

You can also explore your chosen subject through the Homerton Resources page.

How To Apply

There is no admission assessment for Geography and no requirement to submit written work.

If you are invited for interview, you will have two academic interviews. You may also be given some material, before and/or during the interview, which will form the basis of a discussion. This material may be a map, some text, a photograph or something else. The aim of the interviews is not to test knowledge so much as engage in thinking and reasoning.


Geography graduates often go on to further study to do Masters degrees. Geographers are very employable and our graduates go into a wide range of careers including Government and the Civil Service; research consultancy; town planning; teaching; journalism; management consultancy and accountancy; law and the charitable sector.

Homerton Fellows