College Discrimination and Harassment Contacts

Content Warning: These pages detail the support and information available for Homerton College students who have experienced serious incidents including harassment, sexual violence, bullying, discrimination, abuse, rape, hate crime, domestic abuse, revenge porn or other forms of misconduct.

If you have experienced sexual violence or harassment:

It is not your fault. You are not alone. You deserve to be supported and believed.

The College is here to support you if you have experienced sexual harassment, sexual violence, or any other form of harassment. This could include anything linked to a ‘protected characteristic’ (race, religion and belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, or sex). We can also help you access help and investigative processes via the University and other organisations.

You may have very mixed feelings about what happened, and whether to tell anyone. People can react very differently and this is normal. You should not feel under any pressure to act in a specific way.

The aim of these pages is to direct you to useful information and highlight the people or services who can help in a safe and confidential way.



Do you require urgent help?

If you or someone else feel at risk right now and/or you are injured, then you can call the emergency services immediately on 999 or 112.

If you are in Homerton College, the Porters can let emergency services on to the site; and can call a Tutor. The Tutor will be able to talk to you about what has happened and what you would like to do, and can potentially accompany you to any off-site support centres such as The Elms clinic.

If you are not in Homerton, you can go to any College Porters’ Lodge. They will be able to immediately assist you and help access further support.


Being safe during virtual meetings

Zoom Security Guide
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Where Can I Go for Help?

The Journey to Tackling Sexual Violence Effectively – Moving in the Right Direction

Earlier in 2022, Jules Graham interviewed our principal, Lord Simon Woolley, about how the College is working to tackle sexual violence.

Here is a short video in which Jules Graham and Simon Woolley talk through where to go if you would like support and assistance with sexual violence.

[Please note: this was made earlier in 2022 and Eireann Attridge is no longer a CDHC: the current CDHCs are listed on this page. Other details are correct as of Dec 2022]


Who to contact in College

Who to contact in College

Reporting an Incident

Reporting an Incident

Health and Wellbeing Hub

Health and Wellbeing Hub

Sources of Support from outside College

Sources of Support from outside College

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