Last year we raised over £110,000 towards our core priorities: Student Support, the Student Experience, and our Greatest Need. Thank you to all who donated in the campaign, and to those alumni who spent time talking to our students – they had some great conversations!

This year a team of 16 students, led by Miranda, the current HUS President, will be picking up the phone between 18 March and 7 April to speak to more of our global alumni community. With a team ranging from first years to fourth years, from Education to Law, Psychology, Theology and Maths, with students who act and play music and sport, we aim to give you the most thorough possible picture of College life in 2019. In turn, they are keen to hear your experiences, your stories, and your advice

Every year students end the telethon with new ideas, fresh inspiration, and an understanding of what being a member of Homerton means; many have said how a conversation with an alumnus has sparked a new interest or given them the guidance to follow their ambitions. This is both appreciated and of tremendous value; so too is your support. We speak to over 700 alumni over the course of the Telephone Campaign. If half the alumni contacted committed to a gift of £10 a month for 5 years we would be able to extend our support for students and enhance the student experience by more than £250,000.

Caller Profiles

Miranda Hewkin-Smith

Photo: Miranda Hewkin-Smith

"Hi, I’m Miranda, I studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Homerton and I am now the HUS President. My role is varied and never dull! I regularly find myself running events, managing the HUS shop and chairing Open Meetings. Most importantly, however, this job allows me to spend a lot of time fighting for the interests of Homerton students both within College and within the wider University."

Maddie Hammond

Photo: Maddie Hammond

"Hi, my name is Maddie and I'm in first year studying English. My literary interests are wide-ranging at the moment, though I particularly enjoy the work of modernists such as TS Eliot's The Wasteland. I spend my free time attending college clubs and societies such as the Homerton lacrosse team, ladies football team and I play the cello in the college orchestra. My favourite sport is rock-climbing and so I often go to the local bouldering wall with friends and sometimes on outdoor trips to the Peak District with the Cambridge Mountaineering club."

Ceri Moss

Photo: Ceri Moss

"Hi my name's Ceri and I'm a a third year Education student who has taken papers in everything from Drama to Psychology, and Literature to Modernity and Globalisation. During my time at Homerton I've been involved in College life in many ways including as President of the Homerton Singers, Target and Access JCR co-opt, Student Minds College rep, and recently as a helper at the 250 Festival. My true love, however, is the Homerton May Ball Committee on which I've served every year and am now President. Outside of college life I love to travel having recently spent two months teaching in Hong Kong and travelling around South East Asia."

Lily Norris

Photo: Lily Norris

"I am Lily, a second year Education and Psychology student at Homerton. As the Education Faculty is next door, I spend so much time in Homerton and really get involved in college life. For example, this year I am the Entertainment Officer for the May Ball. This has been so much fun and for any alumni interested in coming, I can promise it will be the BEST BALL YET!  I am also a nationally competing Cheerleader. I am on the Cambridge University Cheerleading Society committee and their competition team. This season we placed third place nationally. I wouldn’t be able to afford being on the team if it wasn’t for the Homerton Sports Grant."

Robin Webber

Photo: Robin Webber

"Hi I'm Robin, I'm a second year MMLer studying German and Russian. I'm looking forward to my year abroad in Berlin next year, where I hope to get involved in theatre - one of my biggest interests. I'm also interested in activism - particularly surrounding minorities such as the LGBT community. Other than the languages I study at university, I understand French and some Spanish and always enjoy the prospect of a new language."

Umme Pisavadi

Photo: Umme Pisavadi

"Hi! I’m Umme, a first year MMLer doing French and German. Despite having only just finished my second term here at Homerton, I’ve loved everything about the experience so far; the wide variety in my course has been exactly what an indecisive person such as myself has needed, and the incredibly warm atmosphere at Homerton has allowed me to throw myself into college life. I have helped out at the 250 festival, interviews for next year’s intake of students, and next year I am looking at directing (and possibly writing) a play for the Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society."

Hannah Haugvik

Photo: Hannah Naugvik

"Hi, I'm Hannah! I am a first year studying Modern and Medieval Languages (French and Spanish). I've loved my time at Cambridge so far; the variation of my course which includes literature, culture and language papers is just what I wanted and college life at Homerton has been so friendly and welcoming. I am part of the Cambridge University Athletics Club and recently competed in hurdles at the Varsity Indoor match which was an amazing experience, it was my first Varsity competition, but hopefully one of many more!"

Anna Cooper

Photo: Anna Cooper

"I am a second-year Music student here at Homerton. I play a very active role in the musical life of the college as a member of the Charter Choir and in my role as Recitals Manager on the HCMS committee. I am also very interested in access and outreach at Homerton playing an active role in the various programmes that Homerton run. On a university-wide level, my interests are very concentrated in musical performance. I sing with the opera society and I am the musical director of the Fitz Sirens, an all-female a cappella group."

Jing Min Tan

Photo: Jing Min Tan

"Hi! I'm Jing Min and I am second year Law student at Homerton College. I'm a bit of a pseudo-intellectual — I'm interested in International Law and enjoy thinking about new ideas and debates when my mind wanders. In the real world I am passionate about social justice and am involved in fundraising efforts for various small charities, decolonising the Law syllabus, and once in a while I try to write some poetry. I like long-distance running, good food and am often made fun of by my friends for my regular refrain “I read an interesting article the other day”."

Caludia Anderson

Photo: Claudia Anderson

"Hi, I’m Claudia! I am a second year studying History & Politics, and mine was the first year to do this course at Cambridge! It is such an exciting course that allows me a lot of flexibility in what I study and my time here has been hugely enhanced by the warm, friendly atmosphere at Homerton and the friends I’ve made. I get involved in life at Homerton as much as I can - I’ve worked at open days and interviews and I am also the current President of the Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society."

Seb Putman

Photo: Seb Putman

"Hi, I'm Seb and I am in my second year here at Homerton. I study Russian and Latin which really aren't that complementary but the breadth of the papers in each subject gives me the opportunity to explore my particular interests, so at the moment I am doing history papers on Socialist Russia, Sparta and the Roman Principate! I am the Welfare Officer for the college and I have loved getting more involved in the fantastic community here at Homerton. Outside of university work, I love going to the movies, playing tennis and hanging out with friends in the recently renovated bar!"


When is this happening? Will I be called in the middle of the night?

Calling is Monday-Thursday and weekends, and no one will be called later than 9.30pm local time.

Who is going to call me?

We have selected a team of Homerton students that represents our vibrant student community to update you on everything that is going on in College.

What are you fundraising for?

We believe that students with the appropriate abilities and talent should be able to take up and fully grasp the opportunities of a place at Homerton.

Are my details safe?

Yes. All our student team will be fully trained in the secure, accurate, and relevant recording of any personal, financial or other information you provide. After the calling campaign, your information will be added to your record on our database and any gifts will be processed professionally by our finance team.

Is this just about money?

No. Our core mission is providing a world class education to those who can best benefit from it, regardless of their background, so if you choose to support us, your contribution would be hugely valuable. At the same time, you, as a member of our alumni community, are a lifelong member of Homerton. We want to make sure you have an opportunity to hear directly from those who have followed in your footsteps what Homerton is like today, regardless of whether supporting us financially is right for you.

How do I know that the person calling me IS a Homerton student?

If you are in any doubt, please email us or call us and we can confirm that the person who called you is a student on the calling team. We are available on or 01223 747 280. Also, anyone calling as part of the campaign should know Homerton inside out, and no one will ask for financial details without having spoken with you. You may wish to view our ‘meet the caller’ videos, and we will be listing those who are calling on the campaign on this page too.

I won’t be able to take a call/I don’t currently wish to take a call. What do I do?

Let us know. There is no obligation to receive a call, and we would only want to speak to people who feel comfortable participating. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d prefer not to be contacted by emailing or calling 01223 747 280.

Where can I find details of how you store and use my private data?

Data is used to keep you in contact with the College and University, to accurately process any gifts made, to reflect your preferences, and to be able to record that you were a student, as well as when and what you studied. Read our Data Protection Values to find out more.


If you would like to help support students at Homerton please visit our page Supporting Homerton.
If you have any questions, please do feel free to email us or phone 01223 747280.


Homerton College is a Registered Charity, 1137497

In 2015, Cambridge launched a fundraising campaign – including all 31 Colleges. The campaign is a collaborative enterprise to help Cambridge better serve society through our extraordinary people and our inspiring environment, and Homerton is excited to be a part of it. Every gift to Homerton contributes to the campaign, and we are very grateful for your support.

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