Thinking about applying to Cambridge?  Here's some friendly advice from current students to help you out.

Cambridge has high academic standards, but don't be misled into thinking that you have to be some sort of genius to get in. Our view is that successful candidates are those who will get the most out of a course, and the way that course is taught in Cambridge. So what you need to ask yourself is whether or not the course you are thinking about applying for in Cambridge is the right course for you. Course details are outlined in the Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus of which your school or college should have a copy. And there is much more help online.

Once you've decided that one of the Cambridge courses is right for you, you should strongly consider applying to Homerton if:

  • You and your school feel that studying at Cambridge would benefit you
  • You are among the most able students at your school or college
  • You have looked at the college and think it will suit you

If you can’t make up your mind about what college to choose then Open applications are fine - you will be allocated to a college according to the spread of applicants across all colleges in your subject.

Homerton deals with Open applications which have been allocated to us in exactly the same way as we deal with those applicants who choose the college.

So what then are the qualities and attributes we will be looking for?

  • Good performance, or an expectation of good performance, in public examinations
  • A good written personal statement (and you can add an extra one on the Supplementary Admissions Questionnaire we send to all who apply to us)
  • Good references from your school or college
  • Good written work sent in if requested
  • Impressive performance at interview

What do we mean by good performance in public examinations?

One of the best guides to potential is attainment! So we expect to see a good range of GCSEs at A* and A; but we don’t have a set tariff and we recognize that students can develop their academic prowess later. If you are taking A-levels then we would look for high scores in AS modules for those subjects which still have them, or if you are taking A levels in Wales or Northern Ireland. Cambridge asks for the UMS marks of all the AS modules taken in the Supplementary Admissions Questionnaire (SAQ) mentioned above. If you are taking all linear A-levels, or a different qualification altogether, don’t worry- we are used to working with a large number of different qualifications such as Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers, the IB, the Pre-U, the French and European Baccalaureates, the Abitur from Germany, and a whole range of European and international qualifications. Homerton has no special requirements further than those asked for by the faculties and departments of the subject chosen.