Current Offer Holders

(This page is for Homerton College Offer Holders) 

Congratulations on your offer to study at Homerton! 

We have created a noticeboard to keep you updated on important communication which will be sent to you from the time of receiving your offer in January and until your place is confirmed in August at Homerton.    

  • On Friday, 28 August we sent all incoming freshers starting this October an email 'Welcome to Homerton College and the Freshers Information Page'.  It contains the link to the Freshers Page, as well as other important information about joining the College. If you have not received this, please email the Admissions Office, and we will re-send it to you.   
    Tip: always include your details in the subject line of the email so that we can easily identify you. An example of exactly what to include in your email subject line is: Surname, First Name - Subject applied for - UCAS ID
  • The University has released a Statement on 2020 A-Level Results and Cambridge University Admissions
  • The University Coronavirus: advice for offer holders page has important advice and updates for offer holders.
  • Offer holder FAQs have also been published on the university website. See Coronovirus: FAQs for offer holders

How to contact the Admissions Office at Homerton:

Please ensure that you always put the following information in the subject line of your email when writing to the Admissions Office:
Your Surname, First Name (as written on your UCAS application) – Subject applied for – UCAS ID Number