The undergraduate Mathematics course at Cambridge is world renowned, providing intellectual challenges and rewards in equal measure. The course provides students with the necessary mathematical tools to answer a whole host of interesting mathematical challenges. All students attend the same lectures, which are organised by the Mathematics Faculty. A full description of the courses offered within the Mathematical Tripos can be found at the Faculty of Mathematics.



As at the vast majority of colleges in Cambridge most of your supervisions --- that is to say teaching in small groups of students (typically two) --- will take place at the College and be taught by staff within the College for the first two years of study. In the third year supervisions are arranged by a group of colleges including Homerton. In all three years you can typically expect to have two hours of these supervisions each week of term. In the fourth year of the course, for those that continue to it, all teaching is arranged centrally by the Faculty.The College currently has 26 Mathematics students. A large proportion of the teaching for the earlier parts of the Mathematical Tripos is handled by our Mathematics Fellows. These cover a wide range of the subjects required.



Director Of Studies:

Fellows associated with subject:

Each year we aim to admit around 10 new mathematics students to Homerton. There is no pre-interview assessment for mathematics, but interviews themselves will incude doing maths that will be challenging

Interviews are conducted in December and offers are usually based on A*A*A including A levels in Maths and Further Maths and 1,1 in STEP 2 & 3. IB students wll be expected to get 40-42 pts overall with 7,7,6 in HL subjects which must include HL Mathematics and also the same STEP requirement. We are happy with applicants from other qualfication systems gaining equivalent grades and being also able to take the STEP papers (with the same required results) as with A levels and IB. We are happy to take into account results in Olympiads and similar national and international competitions.

STEP preparation

We use the STEP exams because the questions give a better reflection of those found in Cambridge Mathematical Tripos. The style of STEP questions can be quite different to those that you're used to, often requiring big intellectual leaps. You shouldn't be at all worried if you find STEP questions very difficult at first -- they take some getting used to. There are a variety of resources available online, e.g.

Stephen Siklos' Advanced Problems in Mathematics can be freely downloaded

The STEP Support Programme together with NRICH :

Here at Homerton we are in the process of producing some STEP-like problems paired with model solutions and discussions. These will be updated periodically