The application process

How to apply to Cambridge

If you want to apply to the University, you do so through UCAS. However, at Cambridge the process starts earlier to allow time for all of the application information to be gathered and considered. This page guides you through all the steps of the application process, as well as outling all the important dates and deadlines.

How to Apply to Homerton

You cannot be considered for admission by Homerton College unless you include Cambridge somewhere in your list of preferences on the UCAS application, but apart from that all you will need to do is put H for Homerton as the campus code on your UCAS application.

How does Homerton decide who gets a place?

Applying to Homerton, as to every Cambridge college, is competitive. Far more apply than we can give a place to, and most of these are very good indeed at what they want to study. So we have a number of ways in which we assess our applicants to make sure we make offers to the right ones. The most important way is to look at what has already been achieved. Good grades at GCSE and in AS modules (where available) are at the heart of this for most standard applicants from the UK – though we are used to seeing many other qualification systems and discriminating between them. But we look at the whole application, using the following information:

  • Examination record to date
  • Predicted performance in exams to come
  • School reference
  • Personal statement
  • The interview

And for some subjects we may ask for written work. You can see that the interview is just the last, not the most important part of the process (though it worries a lot of people so there’ll be some more information about them next). Our aim is to assess as fairly as possible your achievement and potential, paying proper regard to your individual circumstances.

Application Timeline

Please find a guide to the all important Application dates and deadlines 2021-22. We advise all applicants to Homerton to very carefully check their email accounts (including junk mail folders) throughout the admissions process to ensure that they do not miss any important correspondence.