Undergraduate Financial Support

Cambridge Bursary Scheme

The Bursary Scheme is designed to ensure that students in need of financial help get a means tested grant during their time at the University of Cambridge and Homerton College. The scheme offers support to Home and EU undergraduate students. The CBS is a funding collaboration between the Colleges, the University and the Isaac Newton Trust. To learn more about the scheme and eligibility, see the CBS website. There is no separate application form for new students. The Student Loans Company will automatically assess you when you apply for an income-assessed loan. 

College Hardship Funds

Homerton is committed to offering hardship support beyond what is offered by the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to those who have particular needs. The College has modest funds to make grants to those in most need, especially those who do not qualify for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and /or those whose circumstances and finances changed after they started the course. To be considered for a College Hardship Grant, students should contact their College Tutor in the first instance.

Others sources of support

The College also has a selection of smaller awards for which students are invited to apply as college members. These include a Vacation Study Grant, internship bursaries, a year abroad grant, a dissertation grant and small grants for academic projects.  There are also several travel awards available and the possibility for students to be reimbursed for up to 50% of the cost of a language course through the University Language Centre. More information is available from the Tutorial Office.

Some sources of University funding are also available such as The Bell, Abbot and Barnes Funds (for those suffering from unexpected hardship), Crane’s Charity (hardship grants for students towards the cost of medical, surgical or psychiatric treatment or for convalescent accommodation and travel to assist students who are ill) and also financial support for Sportsmen/Women.  Further information can be obtained from the Tutorial Office.