What are the entry requirements?

Course requirements

In the courses offered by Homerton there are few formal requirements of subjects that must be taken but the general rule is students should be taking an A-level or its equivalent in the most relevant subject for the chosen course, though some subjects have no such obvious A level equivalent.  There are some clear requirements such as A-level Mathematics (or HL in the IB) for Economics and for Mathematics itself a minimum of an AS in Further Mathematics to accompany Mathematics A-level (see Maths website for details).

Most other courses will have a general expectation that candidates will have studied relevant or good preparatory subjects at school or college; details for each course can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus. Though our offers are normally based on A-Level grades, or their equivalent, we do take the whole profile of any applicant into account.

Information about stand-alone AS subjects will be required on the UCAS form. The Cambridge colleges have agreed to use further written assessment for all applicants either sat at your school and college for some subjects, or taken at the same time as your interview in Cambridge (or overseas). Further information is available on our page, Interviews and Admission Assessments. Some subjects also ask for written work to be submitted as part of the application process.

The Standard Offer

If you are applying before you have taken your A-Levels (or equivalent), you will be seeking a conditional offer.

For scientific subjects (Maths, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine -  but not PBS or Veterinary Medicine,):

The colleges of the University of Cambridge have agreed that the standard offer shall be A*A*A.  When 4 relevant A levels are being taken we may ask for A*A*AA or A*A*AB.

Economics, because of its high Maths content, will also have a a standard offer of A*A*A. When 4 relevant A levels are being taken we may ask for A*A*AA or A*A*AB.

For Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences subjects:

The colleges of the University of Cambridge have agreed that the standard offer shall be A*AA. When 4 relevant A levels are being taken we may, but this is less likely than in the sciences, ask for A*AAA or A*AAB.

The subjects in which the A*s are to be achieved are unlikely to be specified in most cases. The offer for IB students will range between 40 and 42 pts on the diploma, with 776 or 777 in Higher Level subjects, and for Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects we might expect D2 (occasionally D1) in the most relevant subjects, depending on the overall mix of qualifications. For students studying Scottish qualifications our standard offer is AAA in Advanced Highers, but, depending on school circumstances and availability of Advanced Highers, we may offer on A in two of these, with a further one or two Highers also at A. We can, of course, make offers at an equivalent level for the differing qualification systems in Europe and more widely overseas. At Homerton, in a limited number of cases, non-standard offers may be made, appropriate to particular circumstances.

If you are applying after obtaining your A-Levels (or equivalent), you will be seeking an unconditional offer. Your examination results should normally be in line with or better than those specified for conditional-offer candidates. If they are not we may still consider your application favourably, but would need to know what happened, and we are likely to require you to provide us with written work in order to be fair both to you and to other candidates.