Who to contact

At Homerton, the College Discrimination and Harassment Contacts (CDHCs) are in place to offer confidential support to students who may have experienced or currently be experiencing any form of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. 

The CDHCs are able to signpost students to immediate and long term welfare support, as well as discussing reporting systems available to those who choose to report the incident(s).

You can also report an incident(s) using the College Harassment Report Form. Contents of your report will be sent to the cdhc@homerton.cam.ac.uk email address. You can also email both Georgie and Eireann at cdhc@homerton.cam.ac.uk

The CDHCs for Homerton are:

Dr Georgie Horrell


Georgie is a College Tutor and the Admissions Tutor for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. A literary scholar, she has academic interests in postcolonial and gender studies. She has a professional and personal commitment to equality and diversity in the College and the University.

Eireann Attridge


Eireann is a College Tutor and works outside of College in the field of Access and Widening Participation. She completed her undergraduate degree in Education and English at Homerton and a masters degree in Education (Higher Education) at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and has a particular interest in the academic and social experiences of underrepresented students at university.

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