Postgraduate Study

Homerton is home to a thriving and diverse postgraduate population. Students from all over the world study here for the full range of graduate courses offered by the University of Cambridge. They enjoy purpose-built accommodation and common areas on the beautiful College site, a lively series of social and academic events, and a friendly and supportive atmosphere. We extend a warm welcome to any prospective applicants.

We are proud to have one of the largest student bodies in Cambridge, and we value highly the extra dimension graduates bring to our College community, whether they are studying full-time for a PhD, Master's course, or PGCE; or are part of our varied cohort who are studying part-time.

As a graduate student, you will spend most of your time immersed in work organised by your Department or Faculty, so your College gives you the opportunity to meet and mix with people undertaking other courses and in other areas of study, often making lifelong friends.

Homerton will be participating once again in the virtual Postgraduate Open Day that will be taking place in November: further information should be available soon.