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Homerton College welcomes applicants for all graduate courses offered by the University of Cambridge. Most of our students are here studying M.Phils and PhDs, but we also have many students studying MAST, LLM and part-time Higher Degree courses such as part-time PhDs, MD (Doctor of Medicine) and EDD (Doctor of Education). We are proud to have the largest student body in Cambridge, and our graduates are a diverse mix of subjects and nationalities.  As a graduate student, you will spend most of your time immersed in work organised by your Department or Faculty, so your College life gives you the opportunity to meet and mix with people undertaking other courses and in other areas of study.  Many people make lifelong friends this way.

Homerton also has a varied student body of graduates studying part-time.  We have around 200 part-time graduates (studying for Master of Education and Master of Studies) who attend evening seminars, weekend conferences and residential courses. We value highly the extra dimension that they all bring to our College community.

Photo: Homerton Great Hall at Formal Hall

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