Homerton International Programme - Overview

Photo: Homerton International Programme students

The Homerton International Programme is a multidisciplinary summer course designed for international students to experience life as a Cambridge students, improve their English language skills but to also develop their wider opinions and critical thinking following two core themes

Cultural Understanding in English Language Classes

Throughout the programme students compare cultural differences in highly focused and innovative English language classes. These classes are based on University teaching principles and are designed to complement cultural activities such as punting, traditional afternoon tea and formal dinner in our Great Hall. We guarantee one English speaker for every ten students and all of our teaching assistants are University of Cambridge students or graduates.

Global Leadership

This part of the programme aims to develop critical thinking and communication skills, providing our students with a number of opportunities to discuss some of the most challenging issues facing society. Students visit Duxford Imperial War Museum to reflect and discuss the past but also visit other key cities like vibrant London City and Oxford University. Students will meet and interact with Academics and Professional people from a wide variety of sectors. Students will have an opportunity to work on a Group Project on a jointly selected topic and also will deliver an individual presentation during their stay. Not only will they improve their spoken English but also debating and presentation skills will be honed as well.

If you are interested in joining the following programmes please email HIP@homerton.cam.ac.uk for further information.


Applications are now openfor the 3 week programme 9th August to 29 August 2020.


£3300 (for more details see Fees)