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Homerton International Programmes - Overview of Programmes

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Homerton International Programmes are focused on two core themes:

Cultural Understanding in English Language Classes

Throughout these programmes our students compare cultural differences in highly focused and innovative English language classes These classes are based on University of Cambridge teaching principles and are designed to compliment cultural activities such as punting, traditional afternoon tea and formal dinner in our great hall. We guarantee one English speaker for every ten students and all of our teaching assistants are University of Cambridge students or graduates.

Global Leadership Programme

This programme aims to develop critical thinking and communication skills, providing our students with a number of opportunities to reflect upon and discuss some of the most challenging issues facing contemporary society. Students visit Westminster and the Houses of Parliament in London, while also meeting and interacting with key decision makers from a wide variety of sectors. Themes include sustainability leadership, social welfare, business, economics and a series of seminars exploring significant political thinkers.

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