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Archives can inform and inspire.  Here are some works inspired by Homerton’s history and collections.


The New School, is a public information film starring Peter Cushing, directed by Rodney Ackland and filmed at Homerton College in 1944.
This film was once banned and thought lost until Homerton's archivist, Svetlana Paterson located the film after many years of research and determination.

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Artist Collaborations

Idit Elia Nathan – An A-Z of an Uncertain Future

This project, inspired by ‘The New School' and completed in 2023, presents some burning questions about how we might navigate an uncertain future. See here for more details.

Collage by Idit Nathan [Photo: Idit Elia Nathan]
Collage by Idit Nathan [Photo: Idit Elia Nathan]
Collage by Idit Elia Nathan
Collage by Idit Nathan [Photo: Idit Elia Nathan]
Elena Cologni – CARE: From Periphery to Centre

This site specific art installation, inspired by material from the Homerton College Archives, was exhibited at as part of the 250th Anniversary celebrations in October 2018. See here for more details.

​ 3D concept art for the Care Project by Elena Cologni.
​3D paper work for the CARE Project.
Moleskin notebook and 3D paper work created by Eleni Cologni, 2018.
Moleskin notebook and 3D paper work created by Eleni Cologni, 2018.


Concept drawing of Eleni Cologni's installation in the Combination Room.
Illustration of proposed installation for the CARE exhibition.

This video was part of the CARE installation.



Homerton: A London Academy in the 18th Century

By Peter Warner.

Cover -  Homerton: A London Academy
Homerton: The Evolution of a Cambridge College

Published to mark and celebrate the history of Homerton College at the granting of the Royal Charter and the shift from Approved Society to full collegiate status within the University of Cambridge. Written by Peter Raby and Peter Warner eds., published by the Principal and Fellows of Homerton College 2010.

Evolution of A Cambridge College
Homerton College 1695 – 1978

By T.H Simms.

Simms 1695 - 1945


Homerton College Brief Notes

By T.H Simms

Brief Notes
The Florentine Procession: A Painting by Jane Benham Hay at Homerton College

By A. Robinson, J. Purkis and A. Massing.

A Florentine Procession

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