Alumni Publications

We share two printed publications with alumni each year.

The Annual Review, published in the winter, is the official record of the previous year of College life. It includes our highlights of the year, lists of matriculating and graduating students and prizewinners, as well as alumni news, obituaries and updates on sports, music and the estate. We would love to be able to include your news, whether personal or professional, so do please contact us if you have an update to share. 

The Homertonian, published each summer, contains features and interviews with alumni, Fellows, staff and students, providing a lively cross-section of Homerton activity. 

Both publications are available in print form and online. If you currently receive a print copy, and would prefer to read either or both publications digitally, please let us know.

Read the Homertonian 2023 here.

Read the Annual Review 2022 here.

Read the Homertonian 2022 here

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