Porters' Lodge

Your Porters - here to help 24/7/365!

Phone - 01223 747 111

Email - porters@homerton.cam.ac.uk

Porters' Lodge

Homerton College Porters - Duties and Support for Students

The porters at Homerton College are responsible for various duties and provide support to students, staff, and visitors. College Porters are on duty 24/7 and will respond to all emergencies. Students can find the Porters in person at the Porters' Lodge or contact them directly by calling 01223 747111.

Some of their primary responsibilities include:

Reception and Information: Porters are stationed near the College's main entrance in the Mary Allen Building, where they provide a friendly reception service. They can assist with general inquiries, directions, and provide information about College facilities, events and services.

Fire Safety: Porters are responsible for testing the College fire alarms, responding to fire alarm activations and organising fire drills. They also notify and coordinate the emergency services in the event of a real fire or emergency.

First Aid: Porters are first aid trained and will respond to emergencies as required, they can provide initial support, assist students in acquiring transport to a hospital or arrange for the emergency services to attend. We expect students to inform the Porters if they have called the emergency services to the College so we can direct them to the correct location.

Student Support: The Porters are always here for a friendly chat, support and advice anytime during the day or night. We always try to assist whatever the issue, whether it’s to have a break from a long arduous assignment with a looming deadline or you want to discuss a noisy neighbour. Your wellbeing is always our main priority!

Security and Access Control: Porters serve as the primary point of contact for controlling access to the College premises. Porters use CCTV and access control systems to monitor entrances, grounds, gym and accommodation buildings to ensure the safety and security of the College community.

Mail and Packages: Porters handle the incoming and outgoing mail for the College. They place mail in the pigeonholes and notify students when they have packages to collect from the Parcel Room.

The Porters look forward to meeting and welcoming you to Homerton!


Important - electric bikes, scooters or their batteries are not allowed on site, or to be charged anywhere on site.


There is no cycling on College grounds, please dismount and walk your bike once on site - this includes in the car parks and from the main entrance to the cycle racks. Bikes are only to be left in designated cycle racks, any bikes left inappropriately will be removed at the owner's expense.


Bike Registration

Please use the following link to register your bike:

homerton.cam-fms.co.uk/bike  (Your Raven login details required)

The Porters will place your bike registration number in your pigeon hole 24 hours after submitting your details online. Please bring your bike & registration number to the Porters Lodge in order to write this number onto your bike with our Paint Pen.

It’s your responsibility to register your bike! Unregistered bikes can be removed and donated to charity during our termly bike cull

(Bike Cull for unregistered bikes starts on 30th October)


Please see the following helpful information:




Download bike lights
536.63 KB pdf


Post and Parcels

Please ensure that you use your individual Pigeon Hole Number / CRSID for your Homerton Address (see example below). This will help us identify the correct Pigeon Hole and successfully deliver your post and parcels.


Joe Bloggs, 120 / JB521, Homerton College, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PH



  • Your University card must remain with you at all times whilst in Cambridge, and if asked by a College official you must present this. Do not lend your card to anyone else. If you lose your card contact the Porters and Tutorial Office.
  • Occasional guests must be signed in at the Porters’ Lodge, and accompanied by you at all times. Guests must not exceed three successive nights in any student rooms in a seven-day period. Lengths of stay beyond this time must be paid for and the guest must be booked in to a separate room (if available). Any breaches of this policy will be reported to the Dean.
  • If at any time you are unsure or concerned about somebody on-site, phone the Porters immediately – 01223 747 111. Do not let others enter the College site or any buildings by tailgating you, if this happens call the Porters.

Fire Safety at Homerton

Fire Safety at Homerton

Fire Safety at Homerton

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