Special collections

Explore material that goes beyond our main collection.

Homerton College Library is home to several special collections – sets of materials that are united by a particular aspect, for example a particular topic or type of material, and are kept together outside of the main collection.

Our special collections are:

  • Children’s Literature Collection – 10,000 borrowable books, 2,500 rare books and 5,000 children’s annuals.
  • Multimedia Collection – DVDs, CDs and printed music.
  • Local Collection – books about local natural history and landmarks.
  • Wellbeing and Life Skills Collection – books about mental health, aspects of identity, and skills like cooking and bike maintenance.

You can find more detailed information in our Special Collections leaflet [PDF].

To read about our Wellbeing Collection, head to the Library wellbeing page.

You may also be interested in the College Archives, which contain a wide range of material dating from the eighteenth century onwards, related to the history of the College and the various buildings that it has occupied in Cambridge and London.


Homerton Archives (Old)

Homerton Archives (Old)

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