Homerton Changemakers Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring scheme offers you a chance to talk with an experienced, skilled mentor about careers, job-finding, and direction-setting in the challenging circumstances of post Covid-19.The programme matches current students with alumni mentors, to discuss career options, provide advise on next steps or applications, and offer a different perspective. Mentors may work in the sector their mentee is interested in, or they may simply be able to provide a different point of view, with the benefit of their own working experience. 

The scheme is for undergraduates and graduate students at Homerton including those who recently graduated (+ 2020).

This programme is jointly hosted by Homerton Changemakers and the College's Development Office.

We are grateful to the fantastic mentors from our alumni and our supporters’ community for giving their time so generously to our students.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPENED for the July to Nov 2022 Mentoring Scheme .  APPLY HERE!  The deadline is 30th June 5pm.

Note: Students who have participated in previous mentoring schemes will only be considered if there are places available.



"The Homerton Changemakers Mentoring Scheme assigned me a mentor that was perfectly matched to my career aspirations. He was central in helping me attain the job I am currently in, and I am so grateful to the scheme for providing me with such invaluable support during my transition from University to the working world."

Nishi Shah, mentee

How it works 

Timeline: From July - Nov 2022

Time required: from 3 to 5 hours max, according to your availability. Some people prefer to meet weekly, others fortnightly or even monthly. There is, however, an expectation that you'll have at least 3 meetings totalling at least 3 hours.


  • Submit an  application form including a short paragraph on what you hope to gain from the mentoring process (n.b your application form will be shared with your mentor ahead of your first meeting)
  • College staff will ‘match’ you with a mentor and make an email introduction. You can then contact your mentor to arrange a first meeting

Tools for communication: up to you (e.g. Zoom; WhatsApp)

Topics: it's an ‘open conversation’, from career decisions to job-finding to balancing work with the rest of life, whatever you wish. The usual rules of respect, openness, consideration and politeness apply

Confidentiality: discussions are confidential unless the mentor is concerned about the safety of the mentee

Feedback: at the end of the process we will ask all participants and mentors to fill in a (very short) questionnaire about their experiences.



"I want to put something back into the College that helped positively shape my career path and choices. I believe the talent of the future has so much to offer and, as mentors, we can help prepare them by focusing on the skills that they will need to adapt to our rapidly changing working environment and also help open some doors that would otherwise be closed to them."

Tarquin Bennett-Coles, George-James Ltd, mentor

Feedback from previous students

  • ‘I would like to thank you for this scheme as while I may have only had one year at Cambridge, I found this opportunity useful. The mentor pairing was great, and I now have contacts which I can utilise for future placements. My mentor helped me to greatly improve my CV and this will really help in the future. He really is a fantastic mentor!’

  • 'I am finding the mentoring scheme to be very helpful and enjoyable. I am learning a lot about options within the sectors I am interested in, and general advice about applications and interview techniques. So many thanks for organising this! ‘

  • ‘The Homerton Mentoring Scheme has been an amazing experience so far. The mentor I’ve been allocated is very kind and fully committed to helping me figure out what career I want to pursue. He has also been really responsive to my questions and has been proactive in sending me job opportunities he thinks I might be interested in. We have regular meetings in which we go through some job applications and he gives me advice on how to sharpen my skills. The mentoring scheme is a great way to bridge the gap between academia and employment and it is always lovely to meet a fellow Homertonian.’

  • 'My mentor was a constant source of reassurance and support, helping me with more practical matters such as CVs and using LinkedIn etc. What I found the most useful was his constant reassurance about how to manage setbacks and go about making my voice heard. This was very useful for a recent graduate, especially within the difficult climate we are in at the minute.'



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