How to apply

The Application Process

1. Choose a Course

This is by far the most important part of the process. You must make sure that the courses that we offer suit you, as you will be immersed in your chosen course for at least three years. Also, make sure that you meet the entrance requirements of the course you want to study.

2. Decide on your College

This is perhaps the least important part of the application. We would like you to apply to Homerton, but remember that whichever college you apply to, you get the same lectures, practicals and exams. If you really aren't sure, then you can make an open application.

3. Submit your application

You need to submit your UCAS application by 16 October (although there are slightly earlier deadlines for organ scholars). After you’ve submitted your UCAS application, you will will need to fill in an additional questionnaire – My Cambridge Application. This collects information that isn’t on the UCAS application but which we find useful when making our decisions. You may find it helpful to think about some of your answers in advance, such as the optional additional personal statement and how you've kept up your interest in the subject outside your AS/A Level (or equivalent) qualifications. You’ll be sent a link to complete My Cambridge Application by email from the Central Admissions Office.

4. Written Assessment

Most applicants are required to take a written admission assessment, either before or around the same time as their interview (if interviewed). You can find past examples of pre-registration required admission assessments, and should practice these. Please check your course page under 'Entry Requirements' for further information on admissions assessments.

5. Interview

We interview the majority of our applicants. If you decide to apply, you can find videos and full information on what to expect and how to prepare on the University website. While the interview process may seem nerve-wracking, remember that interviews are designed to assess your suitability for your course of study, not to catch you out.

You can find out more about interviews at Homerton here.

6. Our Decision

We will advise you of our decision before the end of January.

How does Homerton decide who gets a place?

We are looking for students with a good academic history, the motivation to study their subject intensely, and the potential to thrive on our courses. More than anything, our aim is to find students capable of making positive, lasting change for the better. At Homerton, we pride ourselves on our inclusive community and welcome applications from all backgrounds. We collect a lot of information about you, giving you many opportunities to demonstrate your abilities. We then consider your application as a whole, taking into account the following information: 

All applicants must have achieved, or be predicted to achieve, the minimum entry requirement for their course. The interview can be a concern for some candidates when applying to Cambridge, but this is not the most important part of the process. Our aim is to assess as fairly as possible your achievement and potential, also taking into account your individual circumstances.

Feedback on applications

Homerton College is happy to provide feedback by subject, when requested, to applicants who have been interviewed by the College, but have failed to secure an offer, either in the first instance from Homerton College or subsequently from a pool College. 

We provide feedback to the writer of the UCAS reference (usually a member of staff at your school/college), or if you have left school at the time of applying, we will provide feedback directly to you.

This is for two reasons:

 1. The referee is well placed to judge the best way to convey the feedback to you so that it is received as a beneficial learning experience; 

2. The provision of feedback to your school/college informs advisers of future applicants about the standards and requirements for the relevant Cambridge course and is therefore of wider benefit to the admissions process.

Unfortunately Homerton College is unable to provide feedback to applicants who have been de-selected prior to interview and to applicants who have received an offer to study at Cambridge University.

Requests for feedback must be submitted by the given deadline for that year, and through the correct method, stated in the applicant's decision letter received in January.

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