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The IT Department provides computing facilities and related services in support of students, College staff, and events.

Facilities and services provided by the IT department to students include:

  • Wireless Network services,
  • Desktop services, e.g. Managed Cluster Service machines in the College Library and printing.
  • Support for a variety of hardware, software, or general issues you may encounter with your phone, tablet or computer during your time at the College. Please see our support pages for further details.
  • Audio-Visual (AV) equipment is available for loan provided it is agreed with your DoS and the events team.


IT Helpdesk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 747109



About Homerton IT

At the beginning of their course, each student is issued with the following:

  • Username or CRSID (Your initials followed by some numbers)
  • A Raven password to log onto the secure University websites and office 365 where your email will be stored.

This password should be changed to become more memorable to individuals. You are advised to make this password secure and to set up password recovery information incase the password is forgotten.

The Library has laser printers which can produce copies in both mono and colour. Payment for laser printing from the networked PCs - 5p per sheet for mono, 25p per sheet for colour - is via electronically calculated print credits, payable in advance (minimum payment of £5).

The Library can become severely congested if students leave it to the last minute to write/print essays for a deadline. Be warned - the excuse of not being able to get onto a computer will not be accepted when pleading for any extension.

More information and advice can be found in the IT handbook, available to download on this page. 

Internet Access using the Managed Cluster Service Workstations in College

The Managed Cluster Service Workstations are for the use of all Homerton students. These are University managed PCs with printers and a central file stores. There is a charge for all printing; students are able to purchase print credit online. All PCs are also able to run under the Linux operating system as an alternative to the standard Windows. The Library has Windows PCs and Mac's available 24/7 for student use.

Internet Access in Study Bedrooms - Eduroam

If you live in College and have a PC or laptop, you may benefit from the Internet that the College offers students. The Eduroam WiFi service connects you to our 10Gb internet connection. For instruction on how to connect to eduroam please visit the following: Connect to eduroam wifi | IT Help and Support ( 

You can also connect wireless printers as well as other smart devices/games consoles using the IoT network. For assistance on getting connected please visit the following:

The college does not support a wired network connection for student use.

Additional information and advice can be obtained from the I.T. Department helpdesk:

Telephone:       +44 (0) 1223 747109


Excessive Use

Students are reminded that they are responsible for all network traffic generated by their computers. Students who generate excessive network traffic will be required to demonstrate that they are abiding by the rules, otherwise they may be subject to disciplinary action and any associated charges as deemed appropriate.


Audio Visual Equipment

The IT Department has a range of AV equipment such as Data Projectors, PA Systems and Screens. Senior HUS Representatives are the only authorised people able to book this equipment. They usually book equipment on behalf of students who are members of College societies. 


Photocopying Facilities 

Students have access to a photocopier in the HUS Office. Please read the instructions carefully, particularly in relation to copyright.


The University Computing Service 

This is situated in the Rodger Needham Building, West Cambridge. After matriculation, anyone is entitled to use the many facilities and services that the University Computing Service offers. All new students will receive a registration number and e-mail address at the beginning of their course.

 Facilities and services include:

  • Being able to use Macs and PCs in the University Open Areas
  • Being able to take IT Courses (run each term)
  • Purchasing software at the University's negotiated price
  • Receiving advice on hardware and software maintenance
  • Contacting the Helpdesk regarding problems with University Services.

Problems with any computer personally owned by a student may be taken to the IT Helpdesk at Homerton.


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IT support

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