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Did you know?

  • Students can register to vote at both their term time and family (home) address. If local elections are being held in each area you can vote in both places as long as they are in different council areas. However, you can only vote once in the same election so in national elections or referendums you can only vote from one address.
  • You can register if you are a British, Irish, Commonwealth or European Union Citizen.
  • Your University cannot register you to vote, it is your individual responsibility.
  • Registering only takes a few minutes. You’ll need your National Insurance Number but you can still register if you haven’t been issued with one.

Register to vote online at

If you have any questions you can visit the Cambridge City Council website. The Cambridge Electoral Services team can be contacted at or on 01223 457048.

Find out everything you need to know about voting in the UK at

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