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International Women's Day - Homerton Changemakers

Author: Changemaker Ambassadors

In celebration of International Women's Day, some of our Homerton Changemaker Ambassadors took out their cameras to share about the women that inspire them, the women's issues that they are passionate about and how Homerton Changemakers is helping them strive for a more equal world.

Watch the video here

Changemaker Ambassador Arlette Doko talks about all things Changemakers and Sustainable Fashion (Mar 2022)
Arlette Doko

Author: Arlette Doko

Changemakers & Sustainable Fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion has long been an interest of mine. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions (Business Insider), and most fast fashion garment workers have to work under unsafe conditions while receiving unfair wages. When I first became aware of the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry, I was shocked - thankfully, there are many fun and accessible alternatives! In this video, I share my experience with up-cycled and second-hand clothing and talk about what Changemakers is all about.

Watch the video here 

Homerton Changemakers Coaching Circles: An Uncommon, Unexpectedly Powerful Experience (Jan 2022)

Author: Evelyn Gilbert-Bair, PhD student in Education, US Universities Admissions Counsellor, and also a regular Changemaker student

My Baffling Introduction to the Coaching Circle

'Joining a Homerton College Changemaker’s residential as a Masters’ student, I was excited to spy an invitation to join a coaching circle. I’d had friends rave about “transformative” experiences with executive coaches, so was curious about the coaching process. I also saw that the designated coaching circle method was a brainchild of MIT’s U-LAB, one of the world’s most creative, powerful, and evidence-based academic institutions. I thus imagined a powerful process that would be critical, hard-core, and almost clinical. Reading the instructions and watching the video, however, I quickly slid into confusion—the process seemed imprecise, intuitive, and abstract.'

Read the full article here  if you want to know about the impact of the Coaching Circle! 

Congratulations to our Changemaker Ambassador, Cornelius Palm! ( Jan 2022)

'I have won the Young Innovators Award with Happyr Health®! This is a great validation and adds to my drive to move chronic pain in young people from stigma to the public agenda.'

Read here for full info

Disruptive Education and its non-linear form (Jan 2022)

"Longer lifespans and increasing optionality in the job market have meant that our paths are becoming increasingly non-linear. And addressing the immense problems of our era – from local economic inequalities to the climate crisis – demand creative, often non-linear ways of thinking."

Following December's WISE Forum in Qatar, Homerton Fellows Dr Chibeza Agley, CEO of Obrizum Group, and Dr Alison Wood, Academic Director of Homerton Changemakers, explore how a non-linear approach to learning can expand skills and understanding.

Read the article in full here.



Becoming a Mentee for the March8 Programme (Jan 2022)

Apply by 31st January 2022 to be mentored by experienced and famous women business leaders. Info here


Cambridge Wireless Techsters Programme (May, 2021)
CW Techsters Programme

We were delighted to partner with Cambridge Wireless in supporting their CW Techsters programme which equips the young generation with future digital skills. Selected students had to take online modules on various technology topics and then participated in a two-day Bootcamp working with industry and mentors to try and solve a real world problem.

This is what our student Akaash Thao (3rd Year Engineering) has to say about the programme,

The CWTechsters programme has so far been an eye-opening experience, with detailed training sessions on 5G technology and its applications and limitations. It has also been a great opportunity to network and meet others with similar technical interests. I am looking forward to the final stage of the programme, in which we apply our knowledge as a team and formulate some ideas to address a real-world problem.”

Live Longer Podcast (Ongoing)
Live Longer Podcast

Changemakers Ambassador and consultant physician Dr. Millicent Stone has just launched her ‘Live Longer Podcast': a series of conversations with artists, architects and creatives on bringing art, nature and healing into the mix for achieving health and wellness. Recent episodes include:

For more podcasts, please visit here

Future Erasmus Conference (April, 2021)
Alison Wood

Homerton Changemakers is delighted to announce that Dr Alison Wood will delivering the keynote for the Form the Future Erasmus conference focusing on '21st Century Skills for 21st Century Needs' on 28th April, 4pm She will be talking about the Future of Education. Register here.

Visual Voices (January, 2021)
Visual Voice

Homerton Changemakers students participated in the 'Visual Voices' workshop from 23rd to 30th Jan 2021. This experiential workshop introduces participants to the 'Visual Voices' approach, a powerful research tool for illuminating challenges and creating dynamic change. Click here for the inspirational video essay.