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Harriet Clark


Harriet Clark

MPhil in Modern European History

Within History, I have a specific interest in how different ideologies and value systems have affected the l  ives of people living under them, be that through material conditions or more subtle areas such as perceptions of gender and sexuality. I am also fascinated by how the choices we make regarding what history to teach have ramifications on our political systems today, and this is something I am hoping to develop further through Changemakers as the role of the historian becomes ever more important with the resurgence of populist rhetoric. In my spare time I play the trumpet and classical guitar, and enjoy singing and comedy.




Adriana De Persia Colón

PhD in Education (second year)

My work is a combination of Boricua Kidlit, decoloniality, and storytelling. As a Boricua, I’m interested in the ways in which stories help us not only survive but thrive. During the Changemakers Virtual Residential, the short times in which we shared stories were some of the most powerful moments. As such, I became an Ambassador to expand storytelling times in the program and to continue highlighting the importance of the arts in the physical and digital worlds to ensure funding and vital day-to-day support.





Lixinhao Gao (Aurora)

MPhil in Education

As an education graduate with distinction (80) at Cambridge University, I am fully aware of the academic and social opportunities I have been offered. Coming from a Spanish major and Psychology minor background, I am looking for challenges and opportunities in the sphere of multilingualism. Personally, being a Homerton Changemaker ambassador is a great opportunity to further proceed my research exploration and personal development. By discovering more about myself and making friends with people from various backgrounds, I am enabled to enhance my self-confidence and other pivotal interpersonal skills. 




Cornelius Palm 

Recent Alumni/Founder of Happyr Health

As a University of Cambridge postgraduate alumni in Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur, making change is close to my heart. Before co-founding Happyr Health, a social healthcare venture that aims to help children in pain, I gained experience in strategy consulting at KPMG and in the leadership team of a high-growth start-up. I combine business expertise with experience from the health sector, from >5 years of working as a paramedic. Homerton Changemakers has inspired me with new systemic methods to tackle the major problems we face. I hope to support the practical implementation of those methods in my ambassador role. 



Sandaleen Qaiser 

Recent Alumni

Studying English compels me to think creatively and critically about human nature, societal structures, and the interdisciplinary: my interests range from South Asian postcolonialism to the legacy of Victorian medicine, to the historically complex relationship between mathematics and language. It also makes me acutely aware of what the world is lacking and informs my pursuits in improving educational access for all, in every way I am capable. Changemakers has helped me develop a sense of self-leadership, allowing me to concretise the issues I deeply care about. It has helped me understand the individual role I can play in bringing better education to underprivileged communities, in furthering a profound love of learning in myself and others and ultimately in creating positive change.  




Sarah Tucker

MPhil in Children's Literature (moving to a PhD programme)

I'm an award winning journalist and travel broadcaster, and best selling novelist, in her first year of an MPhil in childrens literature hoping to continue to a PhD. I have been teaching vinyasa yoga for over eight years, in schools and colleges in SW London and have just completed the authorised biography of physician and psychologist and former Cambridge professor Edward de Bono, who's speciality was lateral thinking.



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