Prizes and Scholarships

Prizes and Scholarships at Homerton

The College awards prizes and scholarships to students in recognition of academic excellence and outstanding contributions to the broader life of the College.  The majority of the awards shown below carry a monetary reward, in many cases made possible through the generosity of alumni and other donors.

Prizes for finalists

All students graduating with a First Class degree will receive a prize of £200.  Those who achieve a starred First will also receive a Foundation Prize of £300.

Students who receive a University Prize will be granted a College Academic Achievement Award of £100. 

The College also awards a number of named prizes. These are in recognition of the best First Class results achieved in Education, History, Land Economy, Maths and Theology.

All prizes for finalists will be presented at General Admission (graduation day).

Prizes for continuing undergraduate students

Students other than finalists who receive a First Class result will receive a scholarship of £200. Additionally, students who receive a University Prize will be granted a College Academic Achievement Award of £100.

There are named prizes in recognition of the best First Class results achieved in Education and in Part IIA Engineering.

Up to five Scholarships of £500 will be awarded by the College for the best results obtained in Tripos exams by second year students in 2023.

Prizes for continuing students are typically presented at the Foundation Formal each October.

Prizes and awards for Postgraduate Students

Details of prizes, awards and funding for postgraduate students can be found here.

Prizes for contribution to the life of the College

The College awards a small number of prizes to undergraduate and postgraduate students who have made an outstanding contribution to the life of the College. Such prizes are typically £200 in value and awarded either at General Admission or the Foundation Formal in October.

Student Representation Awards are also made throughout the academic year to students who have demonstrated an active and significant role in University activities such as sport, drama, music and charities. Students who have played a significant part as a captain or organiser of a College sports team or society can also be nominated for an award.  Recipients will be invited to the Principal’s Garden Party in June.

Music awards and prizes

For details of the choral and organ scholarships, please visit the webpage of the Charter Choir.

Homerton also offers an accompanist scholarship, a conducting scholarship, and two prizes: the music composition prize and the music performance prize. Homerton prize-winners are invited to attend the Principal’s Garden Party in June.

Special Prizes

Bridget Robinson Studentship

This studentship has been established in memory of the late Bridget Robinson (Homerton, 1969-72) to reward and support Homerton students who have achieved academic or performance excellence in the fields of Maths or Music. 

Criteria and how to apply

One award of £1,500 is available to a student of either Maths or Music at the end of their first year. Selection will be made by the Educational Policy Committee following advice from the Directors of Studies for Maths and Music, on the basis of demonstrable achievement academically or in performance. In the event that two or more candidates demonstrate outstanding achievement, the College reserves the right to request proof of financial need, and may then make the award on this basis. All first year students in Mathematics and Music will be considered. 

About the award

Bridget Robinson gained a Certificate in Education at Homerton in 1972, and went on to teach Mathematics at Glendower School, before gaining a BSc in Mathematics as a mature student at Bedford College. In 2014, Bridget suffered a profound brain injury, but was able to continue a lifelong love of classical and choral music before her death from a terminal illness in 2017. This award has been established by her family.

Jonathan Beswick Memorial Prize for Mathematics

Jonathan Beswick was a Homerton undergraduate student who died in 1995 during his third year. This prize, which is awarded for an essay on a mathematical topic, was established to remember his enthusiasm and talent for mathematics. The deadline for submission falls in the middle of February each year. Essay titles and instructions can be found below.  The prizewinner will receive £100.

Changemaker Prize

The Changemaker Prize recognises Homerton students who have made a significant difference for social good during their time at College - whether through volunteering, enabling others, starting initiatives, or advocating for change in the systems in which they work. This year two prizes worth £500 each will be awarded to any current Homerton students for activity during their time at Cambridge. Nominations/Applications due October 5th 2023.

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