Student mentoring

Volunteering can provide a hugely rewarding opportunity to remain connected to Homerton and support our current students. We are always thrilled when alumni choose to offer their time and expertise.

Our mentoring scheme, administered by the Homerton Changemakers programme, matches current students with alumni mentors, to discuss career options, provide advise on next steps or applications, and offer a different perspective. Mentors may work in the sector their mentee is interested in, or they may simply be able to provide a different point of view, with the benefit of their own working experience. If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact Sally Nott, our Alumni Relations Manager.

Nishi Shah (Human, Social & Political Sciences, 2017), said of her experience as a mentee:

"The Homerton Mentoring Scheme has been an amazing experience so far. The mentor I’ve been allocated is very kind and fully committed to helping me figure out what career I want to pursue. He has also been really responsive to my questions and has been proactive in sending me job opportunities he think I might be interested in. We have regular meetings in which we go through some job applications and he gives me advice on how to sharpen my skills. The mentoring scheme is a great way to bridge the gap between academia and employment and it is always lovely to meet a fellow Homertonian!"

Dr Neil Hennessy (PGCE 1999) explains why he volunteers as a mentor: 

"As Homerton provided an excellent platform for my own learning and professional journey, I was keen to volunteer to mentor fellow Homertonians as a way of giving back. Meetings have been conducted via Teams, with the last one connecting Cardiff, York and Ontario. Be it seeking career advice, discussing study-abroad opportunities or simply chatting with a more experienced other, there is much to gain from participating."

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