Important Dates

Term dates

All students are required to keep full term, which means students must be resident in Cambridge for the entirety of term time. Find below the upcoming term dates for the next three academic years.

  Full Michaelmas Term Full Lent Term Full Easter Term
2021-2022 Tuesday. 5th October - Friday 3rd December Tuesday 18th January - Friday 18th March Tuesday 26th April - Friday 17th June
2022-2023 Tuesday 4th October - Friday 2nd December Tuesday 17th January -Friday 17th March  Tuesday 25th April - Friday 16th June 
2023-2024 Tuesday 3rd October - Friday 1st December Tuesday 16th January - Friday 15th March  Tuesday 23rd April - Friday 14th June 


Travel days

Travel day is a day at the end of full term where the majority of people are expected to leave their rooms for the vacation.



Graduation ceremonies, for undergraduates, take place usually near the beginning of July, when all results have been released. Timings differ for other degrees, more information can be found on the documents on this page.  

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