Great Group Work

Do you ever wonder if being in a group could be easier? If you could get more out of it? If group tasks for your study or work could be more productive, faster, even more enjoyable?

Many of the things we have to do and love to do require us to function well in groups. But that can be challenging, even if you're extroverted and comfortable with people. How do you work well with others when you hold very different opinions? How do you collaborate so that you get an outcome you're happy with as well as one that's good for the group? What's the difference between leadership and dominating? Or quiet observation versus feeling you can't join in? And how could you use group work to not only achieve a task but also learn more about how YOU operate?

This session with Homerton Changemakers offers you a chance to learn strategies for more effective ways to be in groups - whether social, for study, or volunteering. We've taught this material dozens of times and students tell us it works - there are proven ways to increase your confidence & ability to understand others, and to achieve things effectively in groups without resorting to quick wins or unhelpful compromise.

The session will be theoretical & practical, and taught by Dr Alison Wood (Director of Homerton Changemakers and a Fellow at Homerton), an experienced teacher, academic & coach.

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