Student Stories - New Undergraduates 2023

Pleased to meet you! Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing some of the new undergraduates starting at Homerton in October. Aaron Rawlins.

By Emma Menniss 4min read

"I’ve chosen to study Medicine at Cambridge. It is a field that will forever be evolving and I will always be learning in, both academically and emotionally. Being presented with such unique cases every day really promotes a holistic mindset as a healthcare professional, and I love this problem-solving aspect of the job of a doctor. Having the ability to implement new technology and knowledge in ways that could potentially save peoples lives is a very privileged position to be in, and one I hope I will succeed in in the future."

Giving students faith in their own abilities

"My school, Brooke Weston Academy, has helped me in my application ever since I expressed an interest in Cambridge. As I knew the interview style was very academic, my teachers really helped me to prepare by going through new concepts I could be questioned on and finding news articles for me to read to broaden my knowledge of medical applications of my subjects. This really helped my confidence in the run-up to interviews as this was the first one I had so didn’t really know what to expect. My school gave us the resources to start drafting our personal statements over the summer of year 12 so that when we came back they were ready to really help us refine them to a competitive standard. The last time someone from Brooke got into Cambridge for medicine was more than 6 years ago (he gave me some advice and is now a doctor), so they were really excited when I said that was my plan and they kept on encouraging me through the whole process. A few of us had applied to Cambridge so as interviews approached, the school contacted past successful students to help give us all advice and practice and this definitely eased my nerves. I hope to be able to help students at Brooke in a similar way in the future to try to give students as much faith in themselves as I was given."

Building secure foundations of medical knowledge

"After comparing lots of Med schools I really liked the way that the Cambridge course is structured with the divide in the pre-clinical and clinical years enabling us to build really secure foundations in our medical knowledge before applying it to the clinical setting. I also think that some of the opportunities offered at Cambridge are also more difficult to access at other unis, for example intercalating in your third year, which gives the opportunity for me to also look into other areas of interest (genetics is one of the courses I’m already really interested in taking). The university is also at the forefront of medical innovation and being able to speak to and learn from tutors involved in this would be an amazing opportunity quite unique to Cambridge."

Excited, welcomed and ready for the challenge

"I feel excited, welcomed and ready for the challenge of joining Homerton College! Obviously, there are also nerves mixed in as well but after meeting the faces of Homerton, I feel I couldn’t have picked a better College. Everyone that I’ve met so far has been so friendly which I feel will make the transition to university much less stressful. Two years of A-levels was definitely enough and I’m looking forward to finally be able to study what I’ve really wanted to (not Further Maths!)."

Sports, steel pan and brunch - as seen on TikTok

"I’m most looking forward to all the opportunities I’ll have outside of my studies. I’ve heard all about the societies and sports at Homerton and would be really eager to get involved in some of these. For example, I’d be eager to have a go in the steel pan society as I haven’t played since year 7 and would love to be able to get back into it. I’m also looking forward to just becoming part of such a diverse and inspiring community for the next 6 years and meeting more likeminded people to enjoy my time in Homerton with! Can’t forget another one of the most exciting things which is the food (saw the brunch on TikTok - looks too good)."