Health and Wellbeing at Homerton

At Homerton we have a diverse, welcoming community and pride ourselves on the range of support available to staff and students.

There are a variety of resources available to help in times of difficulty, whether with emotional, physical or mental health concerns. We also recognise the additional pressure our members may be experiencing due to Covid-19 and have provided extra tools and resources to help.

Support in College

Personal Tutor

On joining the College, every student is assigned a College Tutor who helps them navigate life at Cambridge University. Tutors are often the first point of contact to talk through options for support in College, the University or the local community. They can give advice on academic, financial, health, family or personal issues. They can also provide a welfare referral service and direct students to additional support. A duty tutor is on call every night and can be contacted via the Porters' Lodge.

Student Health Advisor

Homerton’s Student Health Advisor, Sandy Chambers is a trained nurse and has extensive experience providing physical and mental health support. Sandy can give confidential support to students and signpost other specialist advice where appropriate. Students can find Sandy on the ground floor of West House, or she can be contacted by email or phone. 

College Counselling

Homerton provides a completely confidential counselling service for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. This gives our students the opportunity to talk about any issues they may be experiencing in a private and relaxed setting. Homerton students also have the option of using the University counselling service - in most years roughly equal numbers of Homerton students opt for in-house college and UCS counselling.

Our own Homerton College Counsellors, Catherine Snelson and Carol McIntyre-Jones are both trained counsellors and psychoanalytic psychotherapists. Carol mainly sees PGCE students as she can make herself available at times compatible with their less flexible timetables. We also have a diverse team of additional counsellors available to Homerton students, including counsellors independent of the college, male, and ethnic minority counsellors.

College counselling is available for both short- and long-term support for students, and students can normally be offered an initial appointment within a few days. The College also has the potential to assist students financially, to access specialist counselling elsewhere.

Students can contact counselling at Homerton via email. To contact Catherine Snelson personally please email PGCE students, please email Carol at If you would like to indicate any specific preferences or needs please email in complete confidence, after which a counsellor will be in touch accordingly.

College Discrimination and Harassment Contacts (CDHC)

The College Discrimination and Harassment Contacts, Eireann Attridge and Georgie Horrell have responsibility for supporting students who may have experienced or are currently experiencing any form of discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct. They are also College Tutors. Students can email them directly or report an incident(s) anonymously via the College Harassment Reporting form.

HUS Student Welfare Officers

The Homerton Union of Students has elected student welfare officers (undergraduate and postgraduate) who are available for peer support in College and host events throughout the term to promote student wellbeing within the College community.


College porters are on duty 24/7 and are able to respond to emergencies. Students can find the Porters in person at the Porters' Lodge or contact them directly on internal telephones (dial 47111) around the College site.

Porters are able to let emergency services onto the site or assist students in acquiring travel to a hospital if necessary. We expect students to inform the Porters if they have called the emergency services to the College site.

Homerton students can also access additional support from the University of Cambridge, including the University Counselling Service.

Health and Wellbeing for current students

Health and Wellbeing for students

Health and Wellbeing for students

Student Health Advisor

Student Health Advisor

Support against discrimination and harassment

Support against discrimination and harassment

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