Dr Liz Hook


College position:

University Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Pathology, Director of Studies for Medicine (Clinical - Year 5)

Dr Liz Hook
Dr Liz Hook

I hold overall responsibilty for the organisation, delivery and examination of the Clinical Pathology Course in Cambridge.  As well as being Senior Examiner for Pathology for Years 4, 5 and 6 of the Cambridge Medical Course, I also lead on the Year 5 written assessments for the Final MB Part II.  I have a significant interest in medical education, in particular in the use of learning technology to enhance pathology learning.

I provide clinical sessions in paediatric histopathology at CUHNHSFT.  My particular fields of interest are solid and haematological paediatric neoplasms.  I am joint training lead for the Histopathology Registrars at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Research Interests

Medical Education in Pathology, Educational uses of Technology, Paediatric Cancer

Teaching And Professional Interests

Undergraduate Pathology, Pathological Basis of Clinical Practice, Paediatric Histopathology.

At Homerton, I supervise MedST 1A Histology, MedST/NST 1B Biology of Disease and Clinical Pathology.


2019 University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for Excellence in Teaching

2017 Clin Soc Excellent Teaching Award


Links to online publications, articles or other work

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