Roundtable Conversation on disability activism, allyship and inclusion

Hear Elizabeth's story and join a compelling conversation on disability activism, allyship, inclusion


Elizabeth Wright FRSA is an editor, consultant, speaker, and activist. She brings forth all of her life experience to challenge people around disability, diversity, and inclusion.

Born with limb difference, Elizabeth was raised by parents who taught her how to fight for equity and opportunity. Elizabeth is a 3x Paralympic Medalist. She holds degrees in Fine Art and Character Education. And she is an international speaker and disability consultant, and Elizabeth and founding editor of Conscious Being, a disability-led and focused magazine. Elizabeth has recently taken on the role of the National Disability Affairs Reporter for the ABC in Australia.

You can connect further with Elizabeth on social media - Twitter: @esioul, LinkedIn: ElizabethWright, and Instagram: ElizabethLWright and also sign up to her weekly and free Substack newsletter: Disability Allyship

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