Wine and Cheese Evening celebrating International Women's Day

Join us for a wine and cheese evening on 9th March fuelled with discussions and networking to celebrate the International Women's Day!

Our Homerton Changemakers Ambassadors, led by Harriet Clark, would like to invite you to our inaugural ‘Wine and Cheese’ discussion evening that will be held in the Fellows Dining Room at Homerton College on Monday 9th March at 6.30pm.

The idea behind it is to bring together academics, professionals and students from a variety of backgrounds in a more informal setting, with the aim of encouraging interdisciplinary discussion on a range of issues. It is the first event of its kind to be held in Homerton, and we wanted to time it with International Women’s day to celebrate the work being done by women based in Cambridge.

We were therefore hoping that you might be interested in joining us for the evening, which will involve us asking our guests to explain the work that they have been doing and the issues that they think are still facing women now, then opening the discussion and allowing free conversations about the issues raised. The aim is not necessarily for concrete answers to be found, more to encourage conversations and mixing between academic disciplines.

We hope you can join us for the evening. There will be plenty of wine and cheese! Please register to confirm your interest.

If you have further queries, please email


What is the Homerton Changemakers programme all about?

Changemakers as an initiative has been described by its leader, Dr Alison Wood, as the following:

'Homerton Changemakers is a co-curricular programme at the University of Cambridge for students who want to develop braver, wiser leadership in a complex world. It's premised on the idea that true education means educating the whole person; and that when deep self-knowledge is combined with courage, cleverness and social awareness, profound change is possible. For individuals. For communities. For the world.

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