Our Vision

We're building a Changemaking community, transforming academic journeys into bespoke experiences that build the skills, mindsets and insight for making profound change in the world

Cambridge students already get an exceptional and deep education, kindled by some of the world's best minds. To thrive in the world, however, skills alongside academic subjects deserve the same purposefulness and attention.

The Changemakers programme is built around 4 clusters of attributes:

  • Being - selfhood and ourself in the world
  • Thinking and Feeling - cognitive and emotional agility
  • Perspective - enlarging understanding and experience
  • Action and Enabling Change  - where vision meets practical nous

These clusters have been designed based on research from psychology, leadership, sustainability, anticipation studies, education, community-building, innovation and business: and on our collective experience leading change-making initiatives.*

Each element of the programme is designed to layer up skills, mindsets and practices across these four clusters.

Unique to Homerton College, the programme equips our students with the intellectual force, energy and edge to become ambassadors for change in the world of tomorrow..

Being - Relationship to self

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  • Compassion mindset
  • Our inner compass
  • Understanding who we are, what has shaped us, and the values we hold
  • Presence: being in the world, with others, with ourselves
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Empathy
  • The long view & long-term thinking
  • Resilience


Thinking and feeling



  • Creativity
  • Complexity 
  • Application
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Assessing risk
  • Comfort with failure and not-knowing
  • Networking
  • Financial awareness
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration & co-creation
  • Working in uncertainty




  • Knowing the roots & effects of prejudice, and knowing how to overcome it
  • Macro-systems of change
  • Understanding power and influence 
  • Understanding difference, diversity, equality
  • Building deep respect for difference
  • Social awareness - relating self to others to world
  • A sense of global citizenship
  • Moving beyond sustainability to regenerative thinking and being 
  • Systems-mapping and systems change, including the limits of those methods


Action and enabling change



  • Collaborative skills: the ability to get things done, alongside and with others.
  • Deep listening & profound questioning
  • Narrative and story-telling
  • Interdependence between self, organisations, society 
  • Vision and imagination
  • Modern leadership styles: co-creation, facilitation, weaving
  • Connecting self -society- world
  • Persistence, epistemic openness and humility 

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